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Home Loan for Disabled

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totally stressed   in reply to druidtrekker
hello. don't come here much lately. I too cried all over this page and others while awaiting my hearing for disability. 5 long years. only to be given only 2 years back when it was all said and done. they actually took the 6 month waiting period out of the 2 years back pay. I do not like our government and the way they treat all of us who need help. they[our government] doesn't need to worry as we all do. they have more of our money than we do. AND will never worry about what will come of their OWN selves. they live off of us[or our tax dollars anyway]. I too worked my tail off all of my life. at 47! an uninsured motorist caused a head on collision with what I was driving[work van]and a tractor trailer. it should have and almost killed me. sometimes I wish it would have. I own my home. get 1127.00 a month from disability. and am doing poorly. I too can get no assistance in getting a line of credit towards my house and property that could help me when things are tight[they always are]. there's no rewards for being disabled. just pain,suffering and nowhere to turn. I am single. have 6 children. two of which are still with me at home[in their twenties]and help me as well. just not to the point that I would prefer. yes. it is very,very hard. and I feel for you and all who come to the page with the problems they are having. it's hard to understand that you can not have any real assets and be on government help. I had more equipment and tools of my trade[carpenter[than my boss's always did. AND had to sell all of them slowly awaiting a decision from ssi. do have a nice home[to me]. only worth 65,000.00. but I love it here. when I moved in here? it was a cheap place. yet a dump. worked 16 years on it. and finally it is where I wish to be. raised my family in this place[alone.divorce ya know]and will die here[dying inside day by day][too much stress] you came to a very good page. people here are more than willing to help with as much useful information as they can muster. thou. as I've told so many others here. this is not a place to ask for, and get monetary help. most are just as bad off as the rest. yet full of compassion because of it. use this place properly. and the information AND your own digging and time. it can be quite useful. helped me considerably. BUT! you can vent,read,post and bitch and moan. AND make some great knew friends[that you can't actually see][lol]. i'm 55 now. and sit in my house with my macaw[Ozzie]. and only wish I could be who I was ONCE. and wish for money from somewhere. don't want handouts. only what I deserve. showed up here yesterday. after a several month absence. wanting information as to the same subject as so many others here. where's the money to be had. right? there are some urls of interest. and I knew where to go to find them. AIDPAGE! good people. C-ya. Ozzie says OW.
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stuck&phuct   in reply to navinrjohnson1
been on section 8 waiting list since my oldest (16) was born. I've dealt with Hud and got nowhere. I'm not lookin to rent. I'm lookin to buy.
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navinrjohnson1   in reply to stuck&phuct
have you tried applying for section 8? subsidized apts? go on website, follow links. also USDA has rural rentals.
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stuck&phuct   in reply to jna
Just think I'm raising two kids with 7,200 a year. All rent money. Disability. Can't get any kind of loan even from the government. I've been disabled since I was 9.
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poordome   in reply to subwoofa
you have no clue on the disabled.And I agree Obama sucks, BECAREFULL LIFE COUld bite you in the ass. And then you would see things like (we ..the disabled) do. Talk shit is cheap. you don't even know what its like to take pain killers all day just to be abl to get out of bed.Im a junky due to medical reasons. im in pain 24/7. I worked 30 years and payed into MY. I say MY ssi. So after today I hope you have a different out look. Your never to old to say " I was wrong and I'm sorry"
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poordome   in reply to MS MERMAID
Obama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rickeh   in reply to MS MERMAID
I clicked this link because i wanted to know how to build a good line of credit even if you are on disability, now i just want to google programs to help folks with MS. Nobody deserves to starve, even prisoners get meals. Is there an organization that directly helps people with MS or would anyone here recommend volunteering within my own community individually.
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I git ssi disability need my on home please help 601-470-3293
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St. Tatiana   in reply to subwoofa
JFK and his brother Bobby put more programs into place than any other president to help the needy and the poor!! Why don't you listen to Kennedy's speech again bimbo and understand the real meaning of what he said. And oh by the way I bet you voted for Reagan who paid millions for an ad that said "Just say no" hell if drug users could just do that we would not have addicted people. You are an illiterate pig and before it's too late put a little love in your heart and I mean not just for yourself but your other fellow humans.
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St. Tatiana   in reply to subwoofa
learn to have some fucking empathy before something bad happens to you as humans we all have the ability to help one I say figure it out before ill- fate finds you!
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Here are some urls I've gathered concerning loans for the disabled:


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t.o.t.s.   in reply to subwoofa
Doesn't matter if you're among the WORKING POOR, just being poor is considered a disease in this country. Yes, let's blame the economy and all other ills on the poor, including disabled vets, not the fat cats that bankrupted this country--who then needed a scapegoat for YOUR misery--the poor working stiffs.. To quote the old cliche, "wake up and smell the coffee."
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druidtrekker   in reply to Doberman
I wish you all the best my friend. Good luck and may God Bless you and your family.
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druidtrekker   in reply to subwoofa
OMG.......I DID ASK FOR MS. and I worked like dog to get everything I do have. then this freaking disease hit me. I NEVER WANTED A HANDOUT. I worked, I gave to charities, I did what I could for others. Now that I have MS I need help and if you think there is a lot a help out there for us...there ISN'T. or I have not found it. Try living in a body that won't do what you want it to, try living in extreme pain 24 freaking hours 7 days a week. Try paying for the scripts that are over 225 dollars a month and they really don't help. and after paying into the system for all the years I disability benefits are not a hand out, but my money that I put into in. Maybe after 10 to 15 years being on ssd ( which I have only been on for 5 years) it might...just might be from some one else...but I could be dead by that time. What about the people that died before they could use their benefits where is all that, the family never got it. Don't forget all the years you have to wait to get on the disability and you are not allowed to have any money or you don't qualify and you left wondering where am I going to get the food to put on table, have roof over my head, or having a freaking social security person tell well...there are always shelters you can go to. ( I worked too hard to end up in a shelter for a disease I did not ask for ) SO I DESERVE MY FREAKING BENEFITS, I DESERVE A WARM PLACE TO PUT MY HEAD DOWN AND SLEEP. I DESERVE FOOD TO PUT ON MY TABLE. you think it is easy being poor? try it for 3 years while your waiting for benefits, while your waiting for your own money from the government. NOT a pleasant place to be. NO ONE WANTS A CRIPPLING DISEASE. NO ONE WANTS TO BE SICK ALL THE TIME. I did work, I did create my own opportunities THE DISEASE TOOK IT ALL AWAY FROM ME. SO TELL ME......WHAT DO WE DO NOW????? BY the way that is a great quote from President Kennedy but lets put a ps on it and say ask what can we do together.
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druidtrekker   in reply to MS MERMAID
MS Mermaid....I feel the same way you do. I also have MS and I am on disability, it really sucks. I wish I could go to work my disability benefits do not let me live at all. I am at the bottom of the food group. I have nothing and no one to help me. At time I feel the government and maybe other people who think I am in those 47 percent ( which I am not...I have worked hard for what I have...and at this point I would gladly trade bodies with anyone who is " normal " and let them feel who I feel for a day.) but I suspect that they would rather me die because it would cheaper for them and everyone else. I am trying so hard to at least get to the poverty level and maybe have someone help me get a little house but because you have to wait forever before you get on disability my credit was shot to hell. NOW TRY TO REBUILD IT........YOU CAN'T it is so freaking hard with the benefits I DO receive. I have love everything, my dignity, my self respect , my pride. Try standing in a church line begging for food. not a happy place to be in. I quit going because I could not take it anymore. SO I do without. MAYBE.....JUST MAYBE IF SOMEONE WOULD OFFER A LITTLE HELP... I could get some of pride, my dignity , my self respect back. at a price I can afford. Then I could be an contributing AMERICAN ......A DISABLE AMERICAN that can contribute to my beautiful country and my fellow AMERICANS.
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druidtrekker   in reply to Breed
Breed, I love your answer. your absolutely right keep smiling
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I'm on disability too and my wife works. She has a good credit score of 670 and mine not so much, is 580. Will we b able to get a home loan together. Together our income is $40000 a year?
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Tinamac67   in reply to cass84
Hi, I am in the same situation as you. Have you found anyone to help you out with a home? I live in Lexington, Ky.I would relocate if I could get some help.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Help Tina
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1stroketoomany   in reply to prayinforhelp
? maybe department of agriculture in your state?
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i am in the same situation i am on a fixed income and would love to finnally buy a small place to call home and leave to my grandkids one day.but my income is not very much.
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