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Home Loan for Disabled

Lizzy started this conversation

I am on SS Disability and would like to purchase a home. Does anyone know how or where? I don't have any other income, so I think most commonly used loans would be impossible for me. Please help! Any info is greatly appreciated!

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USDA Rural development; depends pn state area, your credit score. good luck
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kodalea   in reply to Jenna benoit
Were in the same boat.. all you can do is keep searching for help
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Guess were all in the same boat. I lost my home to fire after taking in sick family who had no one or place to go. So we took her in. She got up late snd started grease fire and in 20 minutes everything was gone. Hospeace took her and she died 3 weeks later. We lost everything. Insurance dident cover what we owed so we used cards and now got bad credit. We moved in a apartment but it wasent safe so we left and now there sueing us. I thought we would be ok in life but now its a new world living in my sisters leaky camper. Seams all hope is gone. Im disabled and get 1300$ a month pay med copays its a new world.
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Just wish I had a home of my own...... I'm tired of renting, been doing it every sense my son was born and hes 25 years old now
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DistraughtTexan   in reply to poordome
You got that right! All he does is talk, but it's all just political b.s.!
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coloradogirl2010   in reply to broncosgirl
I have talked to chfa and they said no due to my credit and my husbands credit but thanks anyways
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broncosgirl   in reply to coloradogirl2010
Contact CHFA they have a great program for disabled buyers home access loan.
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brown eye girl   in reply to MS MERMAID
there is a website and company called, they allow people to rent to own their own home with no large payments and you can always get a real loan else where. There requirements are you have to make 2,000 a month ( I know that's difficult for some) and also no evictions in 5 years. not sure if that is something that could help you
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brown eye girl   in reply to jna
check out home America. org they are a rent to own company with no large payments, just rent to own, and you can always get different financing at any point when you can. You have to make 2,000 a month and no evictions in past 5 years, and that's it.
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coloradogirl2010   in reply to Realtor101
hi my name is heather I am a married mother of 2 with a third on the way i also live in colorado and would like to know if you know of any other home loan programs for disabled people such as my self
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Jenna benoit   in reply to LadyChris
I to am on disability and I hate it Cause its like your trash if your on disability. I get 7908.00 a year and I have a almost fatal blood bacteria they don't know what it is and it has destroyed my liver I was told I could get a few vouchers from so I looked at a lot of them some are really nice and you gotta use your credit card to get credit report then a $1.00 for a 7 day free trial of housings then u have to do a down payment im living in a run down hot as hell 1980 Winnebago with my husband and 2 sons with one big bed ad table drops to a bed and I cant get no help my hubby cant work right now and we cant make it on $659.00 a month rents 350.00 and electric was 249.84 the landlord said and phone $25.00 I had 34.00 to live on just about every month I gotta find a cheaper home in sulphur, Louisiana can any one help me please.
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Jenna benoit   in reply to Eutawangel
well said . how does prayer come in to trying to get answers for disability folks we don't choose to be this way its God who choose to make us unable to function in society I wish I had my life back. keep up your kind spirit and hope to meet u in heaven one day my friend and god bless
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realistic man   in reply to CoralHeather
Exactly ,sets be real fairy tales r for kids if prair worked no one would have jobs just be lazy don't do. Nothing
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realistic man   in reply to Eutawangel
Pray don't help get real no matter how much you pray you. Jump off a building you will die get terminal cancer you will die prair only gives false hope fairy tales r for kids there's to much evil in this world for prair to help
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realistic man   in reply to totally stressed
Kids get a dam job cut the cord
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CoralHeather   in reply to Eutawangel
The father, son & the holy spirit cannot change my credit score & the fact that I am on disability, nor can Jesus give me a loan I need for a stable home for my child & I. I know your trying to help, but please stop.
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CoralHeather   in reply to babydollp
Hi, if you are on disability and your apartment doesn't have the accessibility for you to move around safely, I'm not sure if you know this, but your landlord by law has to add any ramps, equiptment, etc that you need, I found this out a little late, but once I did it made my life a lot easier, I moved to an apt complex with no ramps & other problems for me, & the manager who was always a real jerk to me sure felt dumb when I handed him the paperwork with the laws attached, you can look them up online, landlords need to make it safe for any kind of tenants he rents too. Good luck!
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I am currently disabled and also looking to purchase a home. My kids were taken cuz of the old landlord we had didnt fix the violations and the place was deemed unlivable. I now have them back and was forced to take a small apartment above a store with no elavator and several disabilities that impair my walking. The workers and even the police say it is not good or safe for me here. Recently there was a fire and then a home invasion on my landlord. We are living in fear and our home is still not repaired from fire damage. But because of the disability income I am forced to seek private owners. I am now looking into buying from a private owner thru a land contract. I know in the end I will be paying 5 times more than what it is worth but, I have no other options. They make it almost impossible for Disabled families to be able to live a secure life. I could make my payments no problem, it is the fact that my income is disability income that is keeping me from even remotely qualifying for anything. Which is why I continue to live in fear and isolated because I cannot freely move around when I need to. I completely understand you frustrations. Again, my only suggestion will be to find a private owner willing to finance or help you qualify. Best of luck.
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Eutawangel   in reply to runningbear
I can only try to imagine... but I know except that I recieved Jesus Christ...I would be dead & without hope. Also, many folks are ill with no assistance incl ssi/ssdi & would love to have anything coming in. You have the right attitude, prayed for you.
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DisabledWolf   in reply to redbomchele42
Red,i can honestly say i know exactly how you feel. I applied for government housing on an apartment that was vacant for 2 1/2 years. I was denied because of my credit! How the heck do they not realize there's a reason why i have bad credit? BECAUSE OF WAITING FOR 2 YEARS TO GET DISABILITY! I sold off all my beloved possessions,a 12 gauge shot gun home defense model,my Ruger 9mm,my Beretta .22 LR,my bass guitar and amp,and my mint 2000 Ford Ranger XLT. I took a loss on all of them,but i had 5 mouths to feed and rent to keep a roof over our heads. All i can tell you is to just hang in there,like my mother and I say to each other,be patient something will fall into your lap.And somehow it always does,i got lucky and found an apartment complex willing to work with me. They gave me a 6 month lease to prove myself and make rent checks on time. I truly feel for you,as i'm on disability myself. It's an Automatic strike against you,and its a bunch of crap. Your credit could be flawless,but as soon as the word disability appears it's pretty much game over. I wish all the best to you and your husband,and pray you get your children back.
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